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is VoIP?
The first part is easy, Vo stands for voice and IP stands for Internet Protocol. Wasn't that easy?!
What this really means is that you can talk over the internet just like your computer talks over the internet. With some definite advantages.
An IP phone is just a small computer that hooks up through your high speed internet connection to connect with a server at the ISP. When you talk into an IP phone, it converts your voice into a series of bits and bytes that are transmitted over the internet in digital bundles. The receiving IP phone converts the digital signal back into analog  voice. If you are using an analog phone to receive the call, the conversion happens at the ISP's server and the analog signal is sent out on regular phone lines.
An IP phone is assigned an IP address and a corresponding telephone number. The phone will have the same number no matter what high speed internet it is connected to. For example, Your phone has a 905 number assigned to it. When you plug that phone into a high speed internet connection in Florida, it has the same 905 number. Right...No long distance charges from Florida to the local 905 exchange. Also, if someone calls your 905 number, it rings wherever your phone is plugged in!!