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What's new in the world of Computers, operating systems and such things that may be of interest 


 Here I hope to bring you the latest information about the computers that are available and the operating systems that run them.
What's new in the industry and what to watch out for. I will also include things that may be of interest to me and hopefully you.
If you have any suggestions regarding things that interest you, let me know and I will attempt to incorporate as many as possible.

What would you like to see here?

Windows XP no longer supported

This means that there will be no more updates from Microsoft to plug holes (entranceways for hackers and viruses) in Windows XP.
You may also notice that many of your favourite websites will not function correctly. Over time, more sites will stop functioning.

If you use on-line banking or buy over the internet by credit card and are still using Windows XP


You are at risk.

If you would like to learn more, follow this link ...... upgrade IMMEDIATELY to Windows 7 or Windows 8


If you need assistance in upgrading or the purchase of a new computer, give us a call and we can help



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